mindfulness retreat

Join us for a weekend retreat at the farm, May 17 - May 19.


This retreat is peer-led, meaning participants adhere to a schedule without the guidance of a teacher. Each mindful "block" consists of three periods of sitting meditation, each twenty-five minutes long, and two periods of mindful walking, each ten-minutes long. Samu, or work-based practice, consists of agricultural tasks around the farm, such as gardening, planting, harvesting, weeding, etc. Retreats are limited to 15 participants. Below is an example schedule:


3:00pm – Check in

5:00-6:30pm – Mindful Block 1

6:30-8:00pm – Dinner

8:00-9:30pm – Social bonfire

10:00pm – Lights out


6:30am-Wake up

7:00-8:35am – Mindful block 1

8:35-9:55am – Breakfast

10:00-11:20am – Mindful block 2

11:25-12:00pm – Break

12:00pm-1:30pm – Lunch

1:30-3:00pm – Samu (Work-based meditation)

3:05-4:40pm- Mindful block 3

5:00-6:30pm – Dinner

7:00-8:30pm – Social bonfire

10:00pm- Lights out


6:00am-Wake up

6:30-8:00am – Mindful Block 1

8:00-9:30am – Breakfast

9:30-11:00am – Samu 

11:00-12:30pm – Mindful block 2

1:00pm – Check out

Frequently asked questions

Is this a residential retreat?

There is a residential option for those who would like to camp overnight. For everyone else, we encourage you to arrive on time for the first meditation period on Saturday (7:00am) and Sunday (6:30am), or at breakfast on Saturday (8:30am).

Are meals provided?

Yes. All meals will be provided in addition to coffee and tea. Please notify us in advance of any allergies.

Is this a "silent" retreat?

In order to assist everyone's practice, silence is observed until lunch.

What if I've never meditated before?

Because this is a peer-led retreat, we recommend everyone who attends to have had at least practiced once before. For total beginners, please read Zen Mind, Beginner's Mind by Shunryu Suzuki or visit the Chicago Zen Center for their introductory nights to zen practice.

What do I need to bring?

Comfortable clothes, toiletries, and a tent if you are staying overnight. We have two showers and bathrooms on site for participants. For work-based practice, a pair of durable shoes, a sunhat, and a water bottle. Cushions and chairs will be provided.

How much does the retreat cost?

There is a recommendation donation of $150.00/person to cover food and cleaning costs.