Jewish Community Farming

A person holding fresh soil from Soil and Soul Farm's garden, getting ready to plant a tree.

What Makes a Farm “Jewish?”

Our pigs don’t oink, they oy!  

Jewish Community Farms integrate farming, gardening, and food justice with Jewish wisdom and values (and humor) that date back thousands of years.   Rather than a synagogue or a beit midrash, we use farming and gardening as our principal form of education to promote environmental responsibility, encourage personal growth, and celebrate Jewish identity through meaningful work and community building experiences.  In short, a Jewish farm is an alternative approach for Jews seeking a connection with their heritage as well as non-Jews alike who are interested in regenerative agriculture.   

While we are a Jewish farm, we welcome all persons regardless of their religion, race, or national identity.  We are committed to providing an inclusive environment for all our community members, staff, volunteers, and partners to feel welcomed and at home. 

Jewish Community Farming

In response to growing antisemitism and many ongoing social and economic crises, in 2021 the Institute of Soil and Soul joined the burgeoning movement of Jewish community farms around the country, serving on the frontlines of Jewish continuity and education for those seeking an alternative, nature-based approach to Jewish life in Chicago.  The Jewish Community Farming field integrates Jewish experiential education and agriculture in order to cultivate community, promote environmental sustainability and food justice, foster opportunities for meaningful spiritual engagement and personal growth, and strengthen Jewish life. 

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