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We are a regenerative farm and educational center providing organic, locally sourced produce and educational opportunities, internships, and year-round trainings.

What if we could mitigate climate change, increase access to local, nutritious foods, and provide meaningful employment with one single dollar?

An illustration of a woman caring with love to a garden full of produce. Emphasizing Soil and Soul Farm's method of regenerative farming and it's importance to improving agricultural and ecological systems.

Organic and Sustainable are no longer enough. Here's why:

Soils are the basis of life, with over 95% of food being grown within the top 5-10 inches. In 2015, the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) stated that one-third of the world's topsoil has already been eroded. Since American soils first started getting cultivating, they have lost half of their fertility. In 2018, the Sustainable Food Trust stated that at their current state, agricultural soils are capable of producing for the next 60 years. Organic or sustainable agriculture practices may produce chemically-free food, but rarely do they address the problem of impoverished soil ecology on which the future of our food and farming system rests. Now, our soils need our help. It is time to regenerate.


The Institute of Soil & Soul uses the agricultural arts to help individuals reconnect with the natural world, build inner resilience, and become leaders of tomorrow.

What the Community is Saying

"We're so fortunate to have come across this beautiful Long Grove Farm."

Gabe and his team's hardwork, education, and dedication to Mother Earth has provided our family with the most nutrient dense and delicious organic vegetables and herbs.  My family is grateful to have the team at Institute of Soil and Soul growing our food, nourishing the soil, and making a positive impact on the world!

– The Siedel Family

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At Soil & Soul we believe in the power of community. Join us at the farm and explore the power of reconnecting with the natural world.

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