A person holding a box of freshly picked purple lettuce, walking through Soil and Soul Farm's garden with other crops visible in the background.

Our Methods

Pink and green produce from Soil and Soul Farm's garden, with a blurred image of a gardener in the background.

Growing Practices

Growing practices at Soil & Soul utilize ecological methods to maintain the health and integrity of the earth and provide some of the freshest, fairest, and most nutritional produce in the area.

We use organic potting soils and natural fertilizers such as compost tea, fish emulsion, and earthworm castings. No-chemical fertilizers, herbicides, fungicides, or pesticides are ever used on your food.

1. Compost and Cover Crops:

Our on-site compositing operation breaks down organic matter and transforms it into nutrients for the soil. Our cover crops are carefully selected to fix nitrogen and protect living soil from damage and erosion.

2. Water Management

The use of swales and on-contour trenching allows us to slow, sink, and spread the natural flow of water to rehydrate the landscape, effectively “planting” the rain.

3. No-Till Gardening

Raised beds and heavy mulches dramatically reduce the presence of weeds and increase soil vitality by preventing compaction, maintaining moisture, and supporting healthier, stronger plant roots.

4. Integrative Pest Management

Intensive inter-cropping and species selection increases biological diversity and naturally levels any predatory imbalance.

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Ecopsychology is a transdisciplinary field that explores human-environment interactions and uses the theories and practices of psychoanalysis to help us achieve greater insight into ourselves and become better farmers.

Our Daily Schedule and Course Offerings invite individuals to slow down and unplug from the challenges and distractions of urban living, and tune into the cycles of the natural world.

Click below to learn more about the benefits of ecopsychology and how to apply for one of our Earth-Based Internships.

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